About Us

We are a small company, based in Norfolk, set up to supply digital technology products and accessories to a discerning public, using the Internet as our "shop window".

Our new website went live in January 2005, following a couple of years of research into what technology was going to be "key" for most customers. Our findings were, unsurprisingly, that digital technology products will become increasingly more user-friendly and offer a much greater range of services that will benefit many customers.

So, we have carefully selected a number of brands that we feel will appeal to the discerning customer, who wants to "dip into" the new and exciting world of technology driven digital products.

As such, given that we have lower overheads than a conventional "bricks & mortar" retail outlet, our motivation lies in giving our customers a great service, at competitive prices and by offering FREE UK Delivery (non-UK shipments are charged at cost).

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